How we do tax

Taxes are complex and probably not fun for you. You want an accountant that will take away the anxiety about your taxes, deductions and tax planning so you can focus on building a bright future for yourself and your business.

We’ll take care of your business and personal taxes to ensure you comply with a constantly evolving tax code and pay less in taxes. If you’re a larger company, your tax returns can be prepared 100% remotely in your software.

There are different levels of work we can do, depending on your needs. We’ll customize it for you.

Getting your taxes current

If you’re a bit behind with filings, we’ll get you caught up and make sure you’re filings are done right and on time moving forward.


Planning is an on-going process, not a singular event. We’ll talk with you regularly to answer your questions and help you navigate through complex tax issues, so there are no surprises come tax filing time.

Updating your accounting system

When you’re systems are up-to-date and giving you the information you need to run your business properly, it makes taxes that much easier, too! We’ll help you update your accounting systems and integrate all the great apps that go with it.

Tax & Financial Planning Workshops

What is it?

Two virtual strategy meetings with our head Black Sheep, Kevin Cooper and a certified financial planner. We’ll take a deep dive into ways to save you money and plan for your future. You’ll take away a summary with lots of tax & financial planning ideas.

Why you need it

Taxes can seem like an impossible bog of complication. Add financial planning and it can feel a bit overwhelming. Not to worry! We’ll help you wade through the muck.

Tax Provision

If you’re a corporation (whatever size) or a startup that’s going places and want to go public, we’ll take care of the provision preparation.

And even better, we can jump right into your software and prepare it remotely.

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