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Black Sheep your way through accounting

It’s all BS to you, right? We get it!
At Black Sheep it makes sense to us: but that’s not enough. You need to get it too!

This is how we apply our values to your accounting and tech

Fun Accounting

Actually, it is. Our clients love to check their numbers and see how they’re progressing. It’s fun because it affects your life.

Family Business

We love working with family businesses because we’re a family business, too. We understand how your business and family life mesh together.

Innovation in Accounting

Gone are the days of paper ledgers! With Xero and all it’s wonderful apps, you get real-time information on your accounts.

Fortitude - We never give up!

We’ll stay on top of your accounting and make sure you’re always taking advantage of all available deductions. We’re in it for the long-term with you and are here year-round, not just during tax filing time.

Transformation of your business

Being a Black Sheep means not doing things the way they’ve always been done before. The owners we work love using the latest technology, systems and apps to help them transform their business.

What services do you need?

You probably already have a pretty good idea of what an accountant does, so a list of services is not really what you’re looking for. What you want is an accountant who will suggest only those services which are relevant to your business – and that’s how we work. We hold a one on one session to hear your story and challenges, and make sure that the suggested services meet your specific needs. Following this session, you then will be able to choose a package option that fits within your requirements and budget.

Our firm does not do any audits, reviews or financial statement compilations.

Simplify your accounting with Xero

Goodbye desktop. Hello cloud!

Moving away from desktop accounting software doesn’t need to be scary. Xero makes it easy to run your accounting in the cloud. We love Xero and all it’s wonderful apps because it lets you run your business from anywhere, anytime.

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