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You want an accountant you can talk to about your business. Excellent. That’s who we are, and we’d love to meet you.

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It’s actually straight-to-the point answers about your taxes and accounting. We’ve also got lots of business advice, too.

The Black Sheep way of doing accounting

No old-school paper pushing or hourly billing! We use the latest cloud accounting and its amazing apps to take care of your tax & accounting. Fixed pricing means there are no surprises.

Tax & Financial Planning Workshops

It sounds boring, but it’s actually very Black Sheep!
Plus it saves you money!

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The BS Blog

Great news! Black Sheep Accountants and AccMan Inc. are working together to do even more for you

Whether you’re a client of Black Sheep Accountants or AccMan Inc, we’ve got some exciting news: we’re working together to better serve you. Here’s why this is a really good thing for you: More people, experience and expertise to serve you. Accman Inc. has seven top-notch, collaborative accounting superstars to work with you that love […]