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You want an accountant you can talk to about your business. Excellent. That’s who we are, and we’d love to meet you.

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It’s actually straight-to-the point answers about your taxes and accounting. We’ve also got lots of business advice, too.

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No old-school paper pushing or hourly billing! We use the latest cloud accounting and its amazing apps to take care of your tax & accounting. Fixed pricing means there are no surprises.

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It sounds boring, but it’s actually very Black Sheep!
Plus it saves you money!

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How Do I Make a Tax Payment to the IRS?

You recently filed your tax return and learned that you owe the IRS money and must pay them, but you don’t know what options are available to you. Here are several options for making a tax payment to the IRS: 1. Check If you paper filed your tax return, you can mail the tax return, […]